All your favourite retro British Sweets 


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Love Hearts Gift Box

48, thats right.  48 Mini Love Hearts crammed in this white box ..

Mini Eggs

Solid milk chocolate centre with a coloured crispy shell.  200g bag ..

Pear Drops

Super Tasty Pear Drops in a 200g bag ..

Pineapple Chunks

Classic Pineapple Chunks in 200g bag ..

Red Pencils

Sweet / tangy Red Pencils in a 200g bag ..

Retro Hamper

Over 1kg of retro sweets. These are the best sweets from your childhood and will bring back so ms..

Sour Dummies

Super sour fizzy dummies in a 200g bag ..

White Mice

White chocolate flavour mice in a 200g bag ..

Yellow Bellies

Extra long fruity snakes with the foam belly in a 200g bag ..